Thursday, March 24, 2005

Another Revolution

Kyrgyzstan, the country whose just dumped leader a decade ago announced his intent to create the Switzerland of Central Asia, went through a revolution peaking today.

This time, without apparent Western involvement[*]. There were violent protests in the southern towns five years ago and a few years later too, tapping serious popular discontent. However, judging from the list of opposition leaders, without exception former cadres sidelined by now deposed President Akayev, the actual power change is more of a palace coup than an elite replacement.

I wonder when, on a very basic machiavellian level, Putin & remaining cohorts will realise that old-style quasi-dictatures are - well - just too old in comparison with the new democratures. Too instable and too obviously non-democratic.

[*] Tough the vita of the ex-foreign-minister in the link suggests the possibility.


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