Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sham Elections Cubed

Juan Cole's summary includes stories of mass voter disenfranchisement - of smaller minorities, for example:

Az-Zaman reports that 150,000 angry Iraqi Christians in Ninevah Province came out to protest on Monday. The ballot boxes arrived in their areas too late on Sunday, and they say they were promised that they could vote until 10 am Monday to give them time to cast the ballots. In the end, however, the Electoral Commission declined to make an exception for them, and they just won't get to vote.

I gave up trying to find the poll itself (apparently kept offline), so a bit late here is a link to the press report on Zogby's latest poll in Iraq. Even 69% of the Shi'a virtually chant 'Yankee go home!'. (I predict the next step down in rhetorics for liberal apologists of the Occupation: they'll stop speaking of what the Shi'a majority wants, and start speaking of what the new 'elected' Shi'a political elite wants in their name.)


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