Saturday, January 29, 2005

New Labour Environmentalism, Part II

Bliar called for action on global warming at the rich man's club for pretending to care about the world, that is, at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

But the real news is that he tempered his arguments with references to economic necessities, parrotting the Bush admin in an apparent attempt to appease them. Which of course won't achieve anything, just heralds further climbdowns in the usual Bliar fashion.

As for Britain's own commitment to tackling the problem of global warming, just re-read Part I, or at least this quote:

NuLab-led Britain is failing its NuLab-set targets on CO2 emissions reductions, mostly due to its failure to do anything about growing road traffic - and upped by a new £7bn road-building scheme...

But there is also the strange fact of his governments' intention to raise rates for renewables (and lower it for traditional energy producers). And while last year at last the British wind industry has started to grow at a higher pace, let's not forget the laughable theatre the British Ministry of Defense stages around the issue of RAF radars and windcrafts (blocking a large part of projects). How come the German, Danish, and Spanish air force has no such problems? How come the RAF itself had[*] no such problems in Northern Germany (where both British bases and most German windpower plants are)?...

[*] UPDATE 30/01: In the course of the continuing scaling-back of British forces stationed in Germany, the last RAF base, RAF Brüggen, closed in the summer of 2001, and the last units stationed at allied bases left early next year. However, German wind power development was already extensive by then.


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