Sunday, January 30, 2005

Bloodictions Roundup

Tex @ Unfairwitness counts 44 Iraqis killed by terrorists during voting. It is not surprising that many Iraqis are ready to be suicide bombers - more so that so many are ready to be suicide bombers not against coalition convoys, nor against the Iraqi and contractor auxiliaries of the Coalition, but ready to give their life to kill their own ordinary compatriots. Once Shi'a militias like the Badr Corps start to strike back, the civil war will approach Coalition levels of killing civilians.

As for the Occupiers, aircrafts just keep crashing, the last one a British transport plane - making the media strategy they still maintain for aircraft downings a dark joke: the strategy of first claiming they are "investigating" and have no reports of enemy fire, while suggesting a diffuse other explanation; then bury the story, and let out some details weeks to months later when no one cares anymore.

No major US-orchestrated event in Iraq without upping the absurdity of propaganda: this time, we have the so-called "Independent Election Commission" (independent from what?) declare a 72% participation - and after all the world's media has repeated it mindlessly in the headlines, they 'clarify':

The Independent Election Commission of Iraq clarified an earlier estimate of a 72 percent turnout in Sunday's election, saying that the "figures are only very rough, word-of-mouth estimates gathered informally from the field." comment.

Salim Lone, who was an adviser to the late Sergio Vieira de Mello, then UN envoy to Iraq, also calls this election a sham.

Finally, speaking for the real losers, who will lose both under the US-approved fundamentalists (recall "Sistani the moderate") and the resistance-leading fundamentalists, Iraqi-refugee-from-Saddam Houzan Mahmoud explains why she boycotts.


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