Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hollywood Left/Right

Hollywood is viewed as a place full of liberals, but some of the most successful genres since the late seventies play along a very much right-wing worldview.

In most action movies and thrillers, you'll see a hero (mostly white, male) failed by law and public authorities, seeking to right wrongs all by himself, in the process practising righteous torture not unlike the evil-to-be-evil 'bad guys', has to kill the enemy (or a lot of them) in the end - and never errs.

I always had the grumpling desire to see a thriller or action movie to shock all the moral imbeciles among the viewers - i.e. one that follows the above script up to a point, and then exposes our righteous mass murderer/hard-hitting cop of hitting the wrong target.

It turns out five years ago Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman teamed up to produce and play leading roles in just such a film, Under Suspicion. Also for the added benefit of focusing on what is the least discussed problem with the death penalty, I can only recommend it.


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