Friday, December 17, 2004

New Labour Environmentalism

I hope the lack of comments for this important article @ Dead Men Left means every reader of DML agreed fully, and not that they don't care...

The short story is that NuLab-led Britain is failing its NuLab-set targets on CO2 emissions reductions, mostly due to its failure to do anything about growing road traffic - and upped by a new £7bn road-building scheme...

This is the same story with New Labour/New Left/Neue Mitte/Third Way vs. transport everywhere - Germany's Schröder ain't any better here.

First there are big promises.

But once in office there is only support for a few massive prestige projects that aren't well thought out, and then are managed even more ineptly.

At the same time, they push for privatisation as the magic solution instead of doing something themselves.

After both of these idiocies lead to predictable disasters, the Party People decide for us that it won't work anyway, and do what they always did best: serve the interests of business lobbies, to hell with the consequences.

At least the transport minister of the new Spanish government of Zapatero, who on the economic front is said to be close to NuLab, declared in clear terms that even after open access, the national transport railroad won't be privatised - to ensure the continuation of public transport on unprofitable lines.


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