Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rebellion Of A Sockpuppet

Another short return...

"We don't have to be terrorists to be against the Americans," Al-Janabi explains. "It's just representing how Iraqis feel."

One ex-minister in the Allawi puppet government apparently had enough of checkpoint-manning US soldiers making clear who is boss. Adnan al-Janabi, currently still campaign chairman for Allawi, resigned from the cabinet after an incident in which he was handcuffed. He now demands a timetable for American withdrawal, unlike the (yet again) confirmed murderer he serves:

Writing about his research in Jordan in December, Anderson says: "A well-known former government minister told me that an American official had confirmed that the killings took place, saying to him, 'What a mess we're in - we got rid of one son of a bitch only to get another one'."

..."but he's our son of a bitch!"...


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