Tuesday, December 07, 2004

At Last: Pro-Democrat Blogs' War On War

I couldn't believe it. Matthew Yglesias attacks Atrios, who quotes from Matt Taibbi's dismantling of the DLC and its member and PPI President Will Marshall, and Steve Gilliard attacks both Kevin Drum and Matt Yglesias! All this on the ocassion of a DLC witchhunt against Michael Moore.

Hopefully, the critics and the Dean-for-DNC-chair proponents will not only win against the "Vichy Democrats", but shed some of their let's-praise-Kerry-time hypocrisies. On the other hand, as the manic net preacher, I'm obliged to preach doom, i.e. that there will be either endless squabble or a(nother) victory for the Demperialists.

Now others are even sceptical that a Howard Dean chairmanship would change anything significant. For them, the link to the Taibbi piece should be the most interesting, as it outlines neocon-Demperialist ties exposed during the run-up to the Iraq War.


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