Monday, December 06, 2004


Around the time the Bushistas stole their first election, on a USENET newsgroup I read, there was a New England American who was very knowledgeable about American history and about contemporary right-wing organisations. However, he seemed a bit simplistic in picking one movement as central - the neo-Confederates, Southerners seeking to implement their old reactionary causes. On the other hand, this fascist movement is really on the move now - the latest story is the election of one of them into the South Carolina state schoolboard.

While his neo-Confederationist activism is bad enough, he apparently believes the Elders Of Zion (a forgery by the Russian Tsarist secret service about a global Jewish conspiracy which then successfully deflected public anger towards the Jews, meaning pogroms, but was also used by anti-semites ever since) is genuine. Now this could be a possible reason for a right-wing split in the future (James @ Dead Men Left expects one), but never underestimate right-wing opportunism and hypocrisy.


At 1:07 AM, Blogger josh narins said...

The Neo-Confeds vs the Christo-Fascists?

I mean, one group is anti-semitic, the other sorta-pro-semitic.

Although the end-scenario for the Evangelicals includes converting, or killing, all Jews.


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