Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Brits And Iraq

In The Times poll, supporters of the Iraq war dropped to 31%. From 33%. The Times poll differs strongly from earlier polls by the Guardian, which show 70% support for 'setting a date' for British pullout from Iraq, but are split evenly on whether to start the war was the right decision. In the latter poll, two-thirds of Labour voters were for the war, while majorities of the two main opposition parties (not to speak of smaller ones) were against.

I thought about the difference. Finally, noticing that one poll asked in general, the other about the past, I came up with this possible explanation: , a lot of British voters bought the spin from the Kerry camp in the USA that the war itelf wasn't the problem, but how it was fought was ("Bush blew it"). That would make the Guardian digures a lot less comfortable for warhawks and British PM Bliar, but such shallowness and short memory of 15% of British voters is still nauseating.


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