Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Still More Signs? (Fortunately Not)

Next in the line in my series on signs of the re-emergence of fascism, now government buildings have to be defended with tanks against anti-war protesters:

UPDATE 11/11: In the Comments to the above linked story, Mark cleared up this one: the two tanks were driving into town for a Veterans' Day parade the next day, and got lost. Put it into the 'weird but symbolic' corner.

BTW, the losing 29% (as opposed to the winning 30% and the I-don't-care 41%) is sorry.

UPDATE 11/11: After having looked at quite a few of the images, I am not sure it was all that great an idea. Too many photos with a joking tone or funny faces, which copuld give the viewer the idea they aren't really sorry, or don't really know what to be sorry about. (Hint: What Would You Say To A Fallujahi?)


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Meaders said...

If it was fascism (or anything like), they'd have shot and killed the demonstrators in the US.

Come to think of it, the demonstration wouldn't be happening because all the likely organisers would be in camps.

Sorry, DoDo, I just don't buy the "fascism" thing.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger DoDo said...

James, but camps for all oppositionaries were there a bit later in Germany. It started with the internment of Communists, but f.e. the catholic anti-war groups were around for a few years more.

Also, there is no single recipe for the imposition of fascism. It was street violence for Hitler, a march on Rome for Mussolini, a full-scale civil war for Franco, but bloodthirsty talk and threats seemed to work against an 'opposition' led by Kerrys so far, even without the actual violence they displayed in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Gitmo-Abu-Ghraib-Bagram-etc. archipelago.

It may come or not. Maybe the coalition behind Bush falls apart, maybe it is kept together by more hypocrisy and less weight on the person of the actual figurehead than you think. Maybe insitutions can bring down the movement like in Nixon's time, maybe the self-destruction of US media means it won't, or that such victory will be even more short-lived than in the seventies (or even more hollow, if propelling a me-too-ist tosser like Kerry into power). If progressives mobilise and get themselves a progressive candidate (rather than falling in line behind one pretending to be), it will not come. I just count signs.

At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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