Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Just Like Any Middle East Dictator

Iraq's Baathist President Saddam was a brutal dictator, denounced for offensive wars, putting down rebellions with indiscriminate firepower, and using illicit weapons.

Syria's Baathist President Assad was denounced for using indiscriminate firepower when he put down the Muslim Brotherhood rebellion in the city of Hama, killing 10,000.

Jordan's King Hussein was denounced for indiscriminate firepower when he put down the Palestinian rebellion during Black September.

And so on.

And let's not forget Russia's Presidents Yeltsin and Putin, denounced for what they did to Grosny.

In Fallujah the USA demonstrates that the West aint' better.

European governments still in Iraq that won't pull out troops from Iraq immediately demonstrate that they aren't better morally, either.

Those in both the USA and Europe who denounced any or all of the first four on my list but use copouts - the same copouts used by the regimes mentioned for their own crimes against humanity - as apologetics, rather than denounce the razing of Fallujah, aren't better either - and they are racists exposed by double standards.

My special notice to the latter: thank you for giving justification (rather than merely an excuse) to Bin Laden & co for attacking us civilians here, assholes.


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