Monday, August 22, 2005

Clinton's First Bombing

``There is no published evidence known to me of any effort by the Times to verify independently the Administration's specific claims against Iraq. No reporter, for example, has written of getting in touch with any of the many independent experts in electrical engineering and bomb forensics to ask what they thought of the photographs released by the White House.

When I asked seven such experts about those photographs last summer, they all told me essentially the same thing: the remote-control devices shown in the White House photographs were mass-produced items, commonly used for walkie-talkies and model airplanes and cars, and had not been modified in any significant way. The experts, who included former police and government contract employees and also professors of electrical engineering, agreed, too, that the two devices had no "signatures."ยดยด

The date is not 2003. It's 1993. As an addledum to the analysis of the National Security Democrats, at long last, I just found Seymour Hersch's 1993 article on Saddam's alleged assassination attempt on Papa Bush (he "tried to kill my dad!"...).

Hersch not only dismantles the allegations, but exposes the bureaucratic forces in the background (and the punditocracy in the foreground) pushing for a retaliation, which Clinton finally ordered on 26 June 1993 - lobbing a couple of Tomahawks at Iraq, eight civilians killed for nothing.

If Clinton's 1998 Desert Fox attack was the prototype of Bush's 2003 Iraq war, this attack was the prototype of Desert Fox - preceded by claims from an enemy of Saddam taken at face value, a jury-rigged intel process, a media campaign of lies and spin, and domestic political calculation; executed in violation of US and international law (even had the allegations been true), followed by a complete lack of critical evaluation by the press; and hurting mostly Iraqi civilians.

It's a long article, but worth to read in full.


At 3:47 AM, Blogger steve said...


I think you'll find that the sales job that brought the lemon called Iraq to our lives started as a 'behind-the-back' carping and grumping bull session by the more hawkish war whoopers that encrusted George HW Bush like the barnacles incrusting a mothballed freighter. These hawks wanted "more and better war" in an almost Poe like fashion. The charade started almost as soon as the first Gulf War ended.

Yes, "Montrasoar" had to lead the witless oaf "Fortuanto" off in search of more and better amontillado. And, in the same fashion, the war whoopers who were as lost in the "New War" mumbo-jumbo, [so well defined in James William Gibson's outstanding book "Warrior Dreams: violence and manhood in post-Vietnam America"], as these "patriotic" men were uninformed about the cost of war, had to lead America back to Iraq. So, the charade began and from there I think you can see an almost direct line to the current calamity we are embroiled in.

Iraq was "sold" to America lie by lie, howl by howl, demand and request by demand and request.

Osama just played into the neo-con hands like a complete dupe, adding to the seeming credibiltiy of the neo-con position. I contend Clinton was as taken in by this as Bush the Elder. George the Lesser was an easy mark for the neo-con position. He had been spoon fed this neo-con twaddle for YEARS! What did any of us think would happen if this village idiot was brought to the Presidency? Further, I don't hold Congress all that responsible for the Iraq decisions. Afterall, look at the information that was given them for over a deade? Just look at the lies, deceptions, plain deceit, and complete bull poop dumped into the national discourse and discussion for years and years and years on end.

And America? How like Fortunato we are now, seeing the masonry about to entomb us in the "wine cellar" of the delerium of men so inexperienced in the horror and loss of war, but so willing to squander life and treasure on such a dubious adventure.

I suggest you brush off your dusty copy of Gibson and take another look. We are seeing the damage being done by the last of the "New War" people left over from Reagan's time. Same people. And look what a complete failure the "New War" psuedo-theology has been!

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