Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tanks For Iraq

Some lackluster US vassals, unwilling to commit much in terms of troops, promised material help to the US client government of Iraq instead.

As I reported earlier, Hungary became one of these - promising 77 old T-72 tanks, if - if someone else pays the bill for their upgrade and transport... Unfortunately, now it seems this offer will be accepted - the US government apparently agreed to lend the money to the Iraqi semi-puppets.

However, meanwhile, Switzerland did something funny. The Swiss government's offer was of 180 old M-113 armoured personnel carriers to the United Arab Emirates, which would sell it further to Iraq. However:

Switzerland said Aug. 15 that it would freeze a deal to send armored personnel carriers to Iraq until Baghdad guaranteed that the vehicles would not be used in combat operations.

Heh, now that is a string attached...


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