Monday, May 16, 2005

We Will Not Repeat the Mistakes of Other Generations

I have been rather uneasy with the US Left's response to Bush's speech in Latvia. While they rigtly pointed out the sillyness of the present-day political intentions behind Bushie's blurtings, and the blind eye he turned to Baltic participation in Nazi crimes and historical amnesia about those, elevating Roosevelt's and Churchill's decisions into wise statesmanship is too much.

The view of Yalta as a sell-out by the West was not shared only by the US Right, but it is pretty much widespread in a Central-Eastern Europe that for example remembers capitulation attempts not taken up by the Western allies. (Or what about the British abadoning of the Prague uprising.)

But Josh Narins @ Remain Calm has found a better way to lampoon Republoscum historicism:

President George Washington, knowing full well that Canada had been used as a staging ground for attacks against America during the War of American Independence, and also that Canada was a land yearning to breathe the sweet air of freedom, sat idly by and let Canada live [ed:if it can be called that!] under the tyrannic bootheel of monarchic oppression, and, like Presidents J Adams, T Jefferson, and J Madison after him, was an appeaser of tyranny!

Had it not been Thomas Jefferson himself who penned the Declaration of Independence, explaining the depths of the injustice of this "King" George, the undemocratic ruler who still held sway over so many suffering subjects, including the innocent Canadians so close we could touch them?

Was it not only thirty years later, during the War of 1812, that Canada, once again, became a staging ground for enemy troops bent on destroying America's liberty, troops who burned down the White House? [ed: Never Forget The Burning Of the White House!] How could these early American Presidents have stood by and let America be attacked? Why did they not bring the war to the enemy? We pray history obliterates these types from her books!


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