Sunday, April 10, 2005

Latin America: Playground For US Imperialism Again

Recently released documents disprove Condi Rice: the Bush admin had its hands in the 2002 coup against democratically elected (and multiple times reinforced) Venezuelan President Chavez.

In Colombia, where US soldiers participate in a dirty war against peasants and guerillas and drug cartells which for some reason is called a War On Drugs, some of these soldiers were found to be trafficking drugs themselves. In line with the Iraqi meaning of sovereignity, these guys will go in trial in the USA.

The Bush admin also funds a campaign (supported by the reliably pro-establishment Washington Post and New York Times - if it's bibartisan, it must be right...) against the Sandinistas in the upcoming Nicaraguan elections. (This is a good place to endorse The Jaguar Smile, Salman Rushdie's account of his visit to the country when Daniel Ortega was elected President.)

Two weeks ago the USA resumed military aid to Guatemala, citing improvements by new centre-left President(-against-US-wishes) Berger, but those improvements were cosmetic so far - so the help goes to a quasi-independent army still filled with perpetrators of some of the most cruel war crimes of the second half of the last century. (And thus may undermine Berger's presidency too; altough centre-left conflict-aversion could achieve that anyway.)

And in Mexico, the Bush admin ecouraged/pressured President Fox et al in a thinly veiled attempt at blocking the most popular, left-wing candidate in the upcoming Presidential elections: removing Mexico City major Obrador's immunity so that a trial can go forward against him - a trial about allegedly ignoring court orders when constructing an access road through alleged private property to a hospital... I repeat, what a heinous crime, an access road to a hospital...


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