Thursday, February 17, 2005

'I Voted For It Before I Didn't - And After, Too'

Remember the storm in a bathtub during the US Presidential elections TV debates, regarding Kerry's usage of the $200 billion figure as the cost of the Iraq war?

Now the amount of dollars spent on the Mess-o-potamian carnage is bound to surpass that figure within a year, while the amount budgeted for this and the smaller (but no less cruel and hypocritical) Afghanistan messing-around, plus the first pay-outs for vassals like Poland, will soon grow by another $82 billion and add up to $300 million.

With John Kerry's approval.

UPDATE: via LeftI, from a Robert Higgs commentary, the total military budget of the USA (with veterans' payments, nukes managed by the DoE, and other secreted-out elements added): around $840 billion, twice the official DoD+emergency budget of $419 billion; a third of the total budget.


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