Friday, November 26, 2004

Local Resistance Leaders In Fallujah

An AP story, tough loaded with probably desk writer-injected sillyness, portrays two resistance leaders in Fallujah. Both are locals, Zharkawi nowhere to be seen, nor loyalty to Saddam - for example:

In 1998, al-Janabi, married with five children, was suspended by Saddam's government from delivering Friday sermons because of his public criticism of government policies. He returned to the pulpit of Fallujah's Saad Bin Abi Waqas mosque after Saddam's ouster, devoting most of his sermons to calling on Iraqis to join in a holy war against the Americans.

This is the first instance I see a major US news medium (Newsday) referring to a clampdown of Saddam on Fallujah, even if passingly - the veil of this extremely successful propaganda ('Fallujah the pro-Saddam city') has been torn, even if it is just a small hole. (Saddam, in his let's-be-religious-hero period, demanded to be praised in sermons, but Fallujah's imams refused - many were imprisoned afterwards, and the city got economic punishment.)


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