Sunday, October 31, 2004

How To Restore Racist Quotas

In the last few months, I noticed commercials for the US greencard lottery being all around European music televisions and other channels.

I couldn't really get the reason - there is a lottery to limit immigration, i.e. not all applicants who qualify will be let in, so there seems to be no reason to start a campaign for more applicants. Now I have an idea.

In the early 20th century, when Social Darwinism and eugenetics was in fashion, some countries introducted immigration quotas favoring Northern Europe to get 'European', 'Northern' 'stock'. The USA was among them, the quotas were abolished by Lyndon B. Johnson in the sixties.

Now the greencard lottery is a way to choose from would-be immigrants in a non-prejudiced way. But if you can push up the numbers of applicants from preferred ethnic groups, the lottery will also give you more immigrants from there.

I do not think this is beyond the Bush administration. The racism behind the fake inclusiveness shown towards the public with the (ab)use of Black Republicans Steve Gilliard often writes about is also revealed by a Rolling Stone reporters' experience undercover in the Florida Bush campaign.


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