Friday, October 29, 2004

More Ohio Voter Supression

I earlier wrote about the voter supression and intimidation effort the US Republicans are implementing in the US battleground state of Ohio, one reminding of fascist tactics in Germany in the last few elections before total dictature.

Just how transparent the effort is, one can see from this case. The Republicans assembled lists of newly registered voters, sent them registered mail, and if people refused to take mail with the Republican Party in the From: field, they were put on a list - but activists who got the list were just told 'delivery failed to the addresses these people specified'.

Note that the court throw-out of the case is not the end of the story: The Republicans were prepared for that, and plan to go ahead 'challenging' these people on Election Day.

UPDATE: The Republoscum are trying to confuse and discourage black voters in Michigan too. See also at a site taking up the rallying cry in Eminem's astonishingly direct anti-Bush song Mosh.


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