Monday, October 25, 2004

Jon Stewart Is A Genius, Part II

From the CBS 60 Minutes quasi-transscript, Stewart gets critical on John Kerry:

"Kerry is - I think if he really, really focuses, he can defeat Nixon and I think have our troops out of Vietnam by '74," says Stewart. "He is what Kennedy has wrought, John Kennedy, not Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy has wrought a whole other thing that has to do with not wearing pants and running around Palm Beach."

"(Kerry is) Kennedy if you squint," adds Stewart. "You know, if you're not really paying that close attention. Sort of profiles in courage, profiles in might have been courage, profiles - you know what I'm saying?"

For the benefit of those who didn't get it, Nixon got the troops out by '73.

Funny that even the one charge of CNN Crossfire co-host Carlson Tucker, who made a complete idiot of himself by claiming Stewart is not funny while the Crossfire audience was rolling on the floor, that seemed to stick, evaporates.


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