Friday, October 22, 2004

How To Solve The Shortage Of US Troops?

Mark commenting at Lunaville:

Here's an idea. Let the US invite the militaries of foreign countries to occupy and staff US military bases (army, navy, air force, and space) IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. See, that would free up ALL US troops to "fullfill our overseas commitments."

Of course, these foreign troops here in the US would need special "force status agreements" before these allies could agree to defend the continental US. These foreign troops would need to be exempt from US laws and prosecution for whatever crimes they committed on US soil. They'd obviously need to train and manuveur through US cities, towns, corporate farms and countryside. If threatened, they'd need to defend themselves, so lawsuits against these Allies really wouldn't be practical.

This is nothing more than what the US military based on the soil of 120 countries enjoys and expects now and has enjoyed for the last sixty years plus.


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