Friday, November 12, 2004

Photos From Fallujah

Read Raed.

Also, what is happening in Baghdad:

I called my family to see what was happening there. One of our friends living in Abu-Ghreib told us about how a US helicopters attacked their entire neighbourhood after a US patrol was attacked from that area. He said that they have holes in the ceilings of their house because of the random attack. This collective punishment is very close to how the israeli forces treat Palestinians, trying to put pressure on the civilians not to accept any fighter in their street. As if it was the civilians’ duty to go after fighters and stop them.

My family said that many districts in the west of Baghdad are blocked, the streets leading to the areas near the airport (Al-Jihad, Al-Amryya, Al-Ghazalyya, Al-khadraa, and others) are closed due to street fighting. The airport highway is closed too. They said that the sound of explosions and bullets is continuous. My uncle lives in Ad-Dora in southern Baghdad, and they are having similar street clashes there too.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger josh narins said...

Collective punishment is how military figures, at least US Marines, are trained to think.

If one member of a platoon screws up, often enough the whole platoon will be punished. Certainly this is practice in boot camp.

One simple logic behind it is to, roughly, "illustrate how one careless soldier can lead to the deaths of many others."


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