Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Sadr Is Winning III

For another leftist Iraqi's take on Sadr winning, read Raed's latest post on his blog, he puts the blame where it belongs. Also, Salam Pax in his latest post, while still blaming Muqtada for deciding to up the ante while it was the Marines and Negroponte, he wrote this:

In Najaf and in Sadr City meeting the men who form the Mahdi Army has made me reconsider my view of them, they are simple people, always very friendly and welcoming. It is their leaders who worry me.

...which resonates with my point about Khomeini.

By the way, I mention it here, of course Sadr is winning even should he be killed in the next few hours/days/weeks. Shi'itism is strongest about martydom (the importance of self-sacrifice is so deeply ingrained in the culture that even the anti-clerical Iranian youth is inspired by it, tough to actions like kissing in public in front of the religious police), Muqtada's death would make the Sadrist movement stronger just like his father's death. This should be obvious to anyone who read up on the matter just a bit, but America's elite now listens to Michael Ledeen-like "experts"...


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