Monday, May 24, 2004

First rant

In the world today, a President not elected by his country has the most influence in a world that didn't even had the chance to vote on him. But, should he be defeated at the polls this time (and accept it), will things change for the better? I fear not.

A President Kerry would not have to fear voters from the rest of the World either. He doesn't promise anything concrete on reducing CO2 emissions, instead he makes a few foggy promises while demanding pressure on Saudi Arabia to lower oil prices. He doesn't promise an abadonment of imperialism (Kerry wants international cooperation not as a tool to solve common problems but as a tool to gain support for US policies), instead he holds on to the Clintonite illusion of a benevolent Empire, forgetting Clinton's many fatal blunders and promising new ones. He doesn't promise a solution to the I/P problem, instead exhibits a profound lack of historical knowledge and walks in lockstep with Dubya in supporting whatever the current Israeli government does or claims. He doesn't promise pullout from Iraq, instead clings to the illusion that staying prevents the chaos (rather than increasing it) and that the UN can be pulled into it/can still solve it.

Perhaps worst of all, he promises to become (later in his term) a failure in the eyes of American swing voters, leading to a triumphant return of the Republican fascists. There goes the lesser evil argument.

It is not rational to NOT blame the American voter. Kerry (that he became the Democratic candidate) indicates to me that the problem is not just with the 40% or so that is tone-deaf to facts and a sure Republoscum voter, But with the majority of the rest, too. I'd say while Republican voters are straight out of Orwell's 1984, most Democrats, Independents and non-voters are straight out of Huxley's Brave New World.

People who can't take anything seriously, who act like the girl who can't realise the party is over; and people who confuse "moderate" with "not thinking too hard". And people who massage their consience with a few symbolic acts (or even just words) but then step into their SUV and go back to their comfortable middle-class bubble life. People who like to ask others whether they've 'taken their medication'.

Unless these people wake up some day, we'll observe further parallels of the demise of the Roman Empire in the following decades, and good-bye Western civilisation (Europe in itself can't save it).


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